Whether it’s for a romantic getaway, a team-building retreat, or just to do something a little different out in the fresh country air – a sourdough masterclass may be exactly what you’re looking for.

There are options to match whatever kind of experience you are looking for – just scroll down to check out what might suit you and your group.

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All levels of Sourdough classes come with a free wine tasting of Tranquil Vale's small-batch estate-grown wine.


This is designed for large groups and is delivered a bit like a mini-lecture. 

This is the best option for if you would like lots of people to understand how making sourdough works, without necessarily seeing the process live.

In your Sourdough Demonstration, you will learn how you grow a loaf of bread from starter to sourdough.

You will also get to witness a pre-prepared loaf go into the oven, and get to taste a piece of it along with your wine at the end.

Demonstrations can be held at your offices or on our vineyard.

  • Learn all the steps involved.
  • See a pre-prepared loaf go into the oven
  • Taste a freshly cooked loaf

45-60 minutes
Unlimited Participants

(+ travel costs if at your location)


Designed for small-to-medium groups – perfect for a corporate team-building retreat or for a small family looking for a fun afternoon.

This is ideal for those who would love to see the full process of sourdough being made, but perhaps do not want to get too involved during the class itself.

At the Sourdough Tutorial will get to actually watch the full process happen right before your eyes. Connie will take you on the journey from starter to sourdough in real time.

And each of you will even get your own starter to take home so you can do it yourself at home.

  • Watch all the steps performed live and ask any questions.
  • Take home a starter to make your own loaf.
  • Taste a freshly cooked loaf.

2-2.5 hrs
4-20 people

$80 per person


The most intensive and luxurious option, the Sourdough Masterclass is ideal if you want to have a truly unique, and personal experience. Couples love doing the Masterclass together – those who bake together, stay together!

You will get to bake your own bread with full hands-on training, while also receiving your own starter in a jar to take home.

Afterwards, you will learn all about the award-winning unique wines from the winemaker and viticulturist during a private tour and a scrumptious 3-course gourmet lunch in our very own family-run home on the vineyard – where we will get to enjoy the fresh bread and wine!

  • Perform all the steps yourself.
  • Take your own starter home.
  • Private vineyard tour.
  • 3-course gourmet lunch

4-5 hours

$300 per person
($250 if staying at Tranquil Vale’s cottages)